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BbsImg13860347022969_570_380.jpg (25.89 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-3 09:44 upload from the UK Fox Brothers high quality fabric suppliers together again to create a new series of Nike capsule series, contains a Destroyer jacket made of leather wool collocation and the same theme material produced by the Air Magma and Dunk Hi. Official release in December 7th. BbsImg138603470216338_570_380.jpg (21.82 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-3 09:44 upload BbsImg138603470243689_570_380.jpg (27.54 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-3 09:44 upload BbsImg138603470253475_570_380.jpg (28.01 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-3 09:44 upload BbsImg138603470278777_570_380.jpg (30.91 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-3 09:44 upload Nike 00 this year's U.S. Chinese "Jinhua" not only created the best record, and Chinese sports brand also shine, which upset in the women's singles semi-finals the Belgian starlet Vic Meyer dressed in the most conspicuous hongxingerke. since the reform and opening up, China accompanied the rise of national sports brand China sports and development, Lining, Anta, Hongxing Erke is one of them. used in foreign brands China tennis "Jinhua" this year thanks to the policy of "solo", not only the prize money most of their own, but also through the signing of sponsors to increase income. The two grand slam doubles Champions Zheng Jie and Yan Zi were signed with Anta and Li Ning Co, from head to foot all the equipment tailored by Signing company. : even more gratifying is that these Chinese sports brands also seize the global economic crisis, the opportunity to go abroad, and began to contract with foreign stars. Foreign players including at least two figures, including women's singles No. five seed Jankovic and Dave Gannenk, the No. eight seed of the men's singles, appeared in the US Open with Chinese brand clothes. which focus on tennis series Erke Dujuhuiyan phase, the development pot cheap foamposites ential of the small fry Vic Meyer ranked fiftieth in the world and she was formally signed. The 19 year old star was in the current US outbreak, including the French defeated the champion Razzano, Chinese players Peng Shuaihe Ukraine star Bondarenko, second times in the US game even break five off the semi-finals, become the best player China dressed in brand performance. Zheng Jie, in an interview with reporters, gave reasons why foreign players increasingly like Chinese brands. "Because of the global economic downturn, many foreign brands have had to reduce the number of signings," she said, "and many players can only get free equipment from big brands, but they don't get sponsorship fees.". As a result, these players have asked the Chinese players about the situation and wanted to be the spokesman for China's sports brands. always wearing a beautiful dress Yan Zi said, she wore a Chinese clothing brand proud in the international arena, because of her clothing from the style to the color does not lose any big foreign brand, always attracted the envy of peers. (Editor: admin)to celebrate the 30 anniversary of the Brand Laser Pack AIR in addition to the most representative of the Jordan Air 1, 05 years out, this year is just the ten anniversary of the JORDAN XX Jordan also has a historic significance. The air jordan XX laser in addition to the like a version of the yuan laser sketched lines in the leather shoes outside, also retained the ice blue bottom white midsole design. Jordan XX Laser Air will be landing in February 16th brand stores. Details of the sale are as follows: release date: 2015-02-16 (10 am EST) SilverWhite/White-Metallicnumber: 743991-100hair price: $250when the identification of hot line of guest shoes, to support Ma fight against fakes!! Download the installation and grab a shoe artifact APP-- immediately when the guest artifact!! WeChat search "dunkhome", open the WeChat service number to the lower right corner can be downloaded and installed!! s air jordan 11 space jam for sale ource: nikeRobin Lopez in fifth before the war as usual in his shoes, graffiti, and named "Blaze of Glory" stands as a pioneer of glory, but also declared his determination to win this war! At the end of this season but even frustrated, pioneer achievement progress obviously, this group of young lineup will be worth looking forward to. With the end of the season also means the creation of Lopez will temporarily end, this really let Xiaobian quite disappointed, because different from this several times for the finishing process can be seen in every NBA player, some habits before writing slogans remind themselves, like Lopez players saw for the first time, but also very appreciate every time he works. other works: flash / Robin Lopez Adidas Crazy Ghost drawing shoes: "Inkwells" " source: Sneakerreport / gustogummi88 often on the pitch with the Air Jordan series of special styles of Monta Ellis, in the days before the game for Air Jordan 7 Retro 'DB' collocation a retro, this color is Nike last year and Doernbecher children's Hospital (OHSU Doernbecher Children s Hospital) jointly launched one of the styles of charity series this series of shoes, and over the years the sales income will be donated to the hospital, as related to medical use. The design of the color of the Damien Phillips children with hemophilia a strong personality, he refused to learn to take care of themselves in the disease, I also continue to invest two of his love interest: guitar and basketball, this is why this pair of Air Jordan 7 on the heel of ribbon will appear as guitar strings and are interested in this series of shoes friends can also refer to our previous report station. source: SLAM / ZIMBIO people are eager to witness the record breaking moment of their athletes, or to accomplish seemingly impossible challenges, which happen to give sport enthusiasm and charm. "This is very important. It makes the game more attractive and pleasant. It goes beyond that and is made for a breakthrough."! "Sandy B jordans on sale online odecker, vice president of Nike special projects, said. for Sandy Bodecker, "breakthrough" refers to the Breaking2, a breakthrough in the marathon 2 hour mark bold attempt, to help run the marathon in two hours (the current marathon world record is 2:02:57). "I'm a dreamer," says Sandy Bodecker. "I work with other dreamers every day in an environment that encourages innovation and challenges.". 35 years ago, Sandy Bodecker joined Nike as a shoe on test coordinator. After that, he led Nike's first Global Football business. Later, he took part in creating the company's extreme sports business and served as the first global design director. Although Sandy Bodecker claims to indulge in the two hour marathon project for many years (he even stabbed 1:59:59 tattoo on the inside left wrist), but he can go beyond the limits of obsession back when he just remember. In fact, he'll tell you that he believes he was born to go beyond the limit (or at least break the rules). "The first limit I overcame was before I learned to walk," he said. At that time, he slipped out of the pram and climbed out of the Central Park in New York, and climbed up the street west of Central Park. Then a police officer found him, picked him up and gave him to the baby sitter. , Sandy, Bodecker, Wu, Yue rendering. recently, Sandy Bodecker faces another, more difficult challenge: overcoming cancer. Although this is the final stage of the game, but also to adhere to, and nothing is more important than to win. "Because no second, so all your focus is to win, physically and mentally, and never become the second.". Finally, he won. And it was this experience that helped him understand the feelings of overcoming difficulties. but there are so many records in the world waiting to be broken. Why should we just challenge this project? "Running marathons in two hours is one of the few challenges that can be rewritten once broken," says Sandy Bodecker. Two other records have redefined running: a 4 mile run in 1954, a brea jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black kthrough in 1983, and a 100 meter run for the first time in 10 seconds (official data). "Running the marathon in two hours is the last giant."Jordan Brand development of shoes, too numerous to mention, recently is toward high-end market development. Air Jordan Shine uses leather shoes, woven body and smooth head contrast, but also to show the gloss cortex. In addition, in order to enhance the overall texture, especially the use of metal shoes to take the lead in the design, very luxurious sense. Air Jordan Shine has been listed in Taiwan, the price of 12000 yuan. source: Wishadidas flagship shoes Ultra Boost in this year through many wonderful works being in the limelight capture, also with high ductility in colors on the Primeknit upper possibilities, all make people feel amazing. In the latest exposure of this pair of 'Chinese New Year' in addition to see the colorful shoes, we can also infer from the details from the designer China culture capture elements as a source of inspiration for the tongue like embroidery Chinese font "Enlightenment" make people intuitively and the myth of the protagonist in the story of journey to the west one of the monkey king as Lenovo, coupled with years of the zodiac to calculate it next year also happens to be a monkey, the correct idea to still have to wait for the official with further information. source: @boostVibesThe Under Armour Curry 3 'Magi' Taiwan area was officially released on December 26th, with a price of NT$$5280, model 1269279-543. We collate Under Armour Facebook for you, Taiwan in the sales outlets announced, the actual sales methods, mechanisms and locations, transactions with the store announcement shall prevail. The shoes sold more messages can also be a reference station listing report. - the flagship store address: - Shilin store address: Taipei Shihlin District, Great East Road No. 15-11 - store address: Feng Chia Taichung situn District Fuxing Road No. 409 Building 1 Tel: (04) - Kaohsiung Yucheng store address: K Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale aohsiung City Yucheng Zuoying District Road No. 478 Building 1 〈 br Tel: (07): 963-7122 source: Under, Armour, TaiwanJordan CP3. VII ASG and Jordan Super.Fly 2 ASG will be sold at the weekend, we all prospecting shoe currently has announced the sale to organize dealers to stay in the Facebook, of course there will be some department store sale, also please telephone inquiries, the actual selling system and the way to the store please place machine transaction announcement. Wuchang 23 a smile sports sports Jordan CP3. VII Frederick ASG source: Nike, Inc believes that after the 90s bull Dynasty who is no stranger to the Air Way Up, because it is in the Chicago bulls season was the most brilliant 95~96 in a lot of players, not just because of this pair of shoes at the time looks impressive, black and red color with white shirt collocation let the more completely the Bulls seems momentum stronger than people of a Air Way Up for the first time next summer is engraved, like many small old fans should eagerly look forward to for a long time, we will help you to collate shoe newly released news closely locked. source: sneaker watchwith the playoffs in progress, Nike Basketball also constantly introduced new shoes color, Nike KD 9 Elite "Multicolor" will soon be on the 28 day of this month in the Nike official website shelves, priced at $150. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! adidas seems to have been ", is the first Tesla to court, then put Puma on the court, (Reference) recently and ASICS tear on ... The reason is that ASICS violated the adidas number of intellectual property rights in health applications and web site Runkeeper, knowingly and intentionally by the same technology to collect user activity information and suggestions in order to promote product sales training program. as early as 2014, A jordan 3 katrina 2018 didas sued the Under Armour and its MapMyFitness applications to the court for the same reason, until a settlement was reached last year. Now the ASICS may also be difficult to escape the clutches of adidas. feels Adidas takes a lot of money to go to court for a year... APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience!Italy's exports to American fashion products increased rapidly, with exports reaching US $3 billion in the first half of this year, including $600 million for footwear. The footwear industry has become an important sector for Italy's exports to the United states. In 2007, Italy exported 22 million pairs of shoes to the United States, with exports reaching US $1 billion 200 million, with exports increasing by 4.9%. According to the relevant trade associations forecast, to 2012, Italy's exports of American fashion products increased rapidly, and in the first half of this year, exports to the United States reached 3 billion U. s.dollars, of which footwear products were 600 million U. s.dollars. The footwear industry has become an important sector for Italy's exports to the United states. In 2007, Italy exported 22 million pairs of shoes to the United States, with exports reaching US $1 billion 200 million, with exports increasing by 4.9%. According to the relevant trade associations forecast, by 2012, Italy's exports to the United States will be 20.1% higher than in 2007, reaching retail sales of 75 billion 200 million U. s.dollars. Italy has become the fifth largest country to export shoes to the United States after China, Vietnam, Brazil and Indonesia. The average export price of Italy shoes is 55.47 dollars per pair of shoes. (editor in chief: admin) : in March 13th, Feng Yunsong, a 42 year old farmer of Huaiyuan Town, Chongzhou, signed a labor and employment agreement with the Wuhou District Labor Bureau at the cheap air jordans gate of his family, and will be employed in the Western Shoes Capital Industrial Park in Wuhou District. From the beginning of September last year, thousands of footwear enterprises in Wuhou District to China shoes are a "two garden" in Chongzhou and Jintang transfer, Wuhou District not only to help the two funds financed the construction of the park, but also to help the training of skilled workers. Secretary of the district Party committee in Wuhou District Liu Shoucheng seems, although from the immediate interests of Wuhou District is lost, but in terms of long-term development, Wuhou District has not suffered, but to achieve win-win situation. extends from the small city, Wuhou District broke the fetter the development center of the city is tangible and intangible "fence": highlighting the development space of Wai, the industrial gradient transfer of the stable behind the maximum utilization of limited resources, the city opened a door for the two or three industrial upgrading; prominent industry of Wai, modern service industry upgrading, enhance the core competitiveness for sustainable development in Wuhou District; prominent suburban form Wai, through industry and resources to effectively aggregate, Wuhou District is to eliminate joint suburban traditional "chaos" and "obstruction", the formation of a new joint suburban form. space - choice breakout Wuhou shoes dancing in the standing in Chinese shoes are CMC office window, 4 radial roads on both sides, trade center, exhibition center, has begun to take shape. Outside the park fan extension, vision, Chongzhou and Jintang two bases. : according to previous reports, Jordan Shine will be officially released on August, before then, red, black, two colors have been exposed in kind, and now the Internet is to disclose a gray version. Gray leather shoes with brown leather lining, and then with a large white background, leisure and rich flavor, but this pair of colors as samples, no marketing plan. do not know that you buy cheap jordans online are not aware of, including the previously reported sale now "Nike Blazer High VNTG Green Valley", this is the first time in nearly three years in the body of the shoe material collocation suede nylon tongue shoes. And now in front of you is a Vintage Blazer double shoes nylon material, color is Foamposite and the recent sale of electric lime, in the end is made of yellow oxide do old effect prominent retro flavor. If you like, go to the NSW store next February and look for it.Max 100 Vote Back Air last year was a review of the history of the tour, 100 pairs of classic open online voting to decide who should return to popularity, and this year's Vote Forward is good, 12 people from different fields to design their inner imagine in the "Air Max" shoes, and they invited many shoes global vote, who eventually works can be decided by you, I come true! At this year's Air Max Day 'Vote Forward' activities, Nike invited twelve from all over the world leading to the Oregon Beaverton Nike headquarters. These artists, designers, DJ and host have reinvented the Nike Max style Air mission, the highest number of votes leader Nike Air shoes will be available for sale. Get your vote from right now. The voting campaign will end in the early morning of March 26th. of the twelve leading creators who are Shangguan zhe (Shanghai), Chen Tianzhuo (Beijing), Alexandra Hackett (London), Artemy Lebedev (Moscow), Bunyamin Aydin (Istanbul), Celement Balvoine (Amsterdam), Fabikr (Seoul), Kyle Ng (Losangeles), Lourdes Villagó (Mexico) Naotaka, mez; Konno (Tokyo), Sean Wotherspoon (Losangeles), and Venus X (New York); at the same time, they also share the inspiration and design the story behind their own design Air Max. Shangguan zhe (Shanghai)Shoes vamp printing inspiration Shangguan zhe creation from the wings of the dragonfly, this is one of the most graceful creatures of nature. Chen Tianzhuo (Beijing) Chen Tianzhuo's shoes are inspired by ski boots, insects, armor, an Retro jordans for sale d KOBE IX Elite. Alexandra Hackett (London) Alexandra Hackett creates shoes that bring together Air, Max, 1, 90, 180, 93, 95, 97, Plus, 360, and 2015 elements. Artemy Lebedev (Moscow) Artemy Lebedev creates shoes with a Air Max 97 shoe pattern with black reflective upper and covers with laces with a chain covering. Bunyamin Aydin (Istanbul) Bunyamin Ayd〉 Jordan Melo M9 recently? Exposed this striking a? Puerto Rico color, the color inspiration of course needless to say is flags from Puerto Rico, with blue as the main functional part of the red dotted shoes, this is a double to celebrate the annual tour of Puerto Rico for the special publication style, the foreign area tentatively listed in June 9th, love friends please pay close attention to the follow-up reports more. source: nicekicks? in the previously reported Nike to celebrate the Air Max 9520th anniversary and Air Max 95, Air OG launched Max Ultra 95 and Air Max 95 Ultra female Jacquard, that makes us very excited, but you may not think this is just before the food, then in the recently launched Air Max 95 Nike iD options, in Marvel I can try to create your own screen in the classic. In fact, this is not the first time Nike launched Air Max 95 iD options, just because this can provide options compared to the last time, a lot more, including: upper, bottom cushion, inkjet color, tongue, outsole can be freely configured, almost like a building can not be the same with the other two the shoes, because parts of many colors are also options. There are options in the upper, leather, reflective material, classical gradient and other options; the tongue can also according to personal preferences will be Air Max words into individual words you want to. In addition, there are more "Python" and translucent ice bottom. Besides, the classic is more modern fashion. At present, Nike iD has been opened, priced at $200, like friends may wish to do it yourself, perhaps you can take advantage of this opportunity to talk about thei jordans on sale mens r own Air Max 95 story. source: Nike, iD, Sole, CollectorJordan Brand's quite popular combat shoes Super.Fly has been accompanied by a good partner Blake Griffin in the field of battle, and in order to meet the next season, the exposure of the three color Jordan Super.Fly 4. The appearance is very simple, the performance of the upper light and breathable and then use the Flight Plate technology, and the collocation grid lines at the heel stabilizer, maintain the series consistent lineage quietly exposure, is expected to start selling in October, and launched a variety of new color. news source: nicekicksAir Max 2016 officially stationed in the NIKEiD platform for everyone to do creative ideas, to create a personal style full of shoes. This can be arbitrary transform color location is actually quite rich, light is monochromatic, vamp had gradient color and camouflage pattern in three categories, in addition the whole foot air also provides gradient color options impact visual senses, so that researchers in the design of shoe prospecting is a multiple choice, interested friends it is now possible to operate NIKEiD.Com. source: @NIKE2017 Women Run TPE Taipei woman half road run yesterday (4/23) on the square in front of the municipal government run, as the official training partner NIKE+ RUN CLUB (NRC) also provides professional services and pace, running together to complete the challenge. NIKE sent athletes Zhou Tingyin, Zhang Jiazhe, and artist Shiou, Yu Hao, Liao Yunjie and other 54 NRC after professional training pace, led by 1:50, 2:00, 2:15 in batches, 2:30, 2:45 Banpei five speed train, to help all the female contestants at a steady pace across the finish line, break the personal best. In the event, NIKE also set up the first CHEER STATION refueling area, invited relatives Gongxiangshengju, cheering for the female runners! The NRC also invited including NIKE athletes Chen Yafen, artist Ivy Chen, Shiou (Pacer), supermodel Wang Liya, and Gin Oy and Mark's mother and other famous runners participate, together with RUN BETTER TOGETHER! After the match, Nike also conducted interviews with them. Ivy Chen Ivy Chen is using Nike Zoom Streak LT3 please share the running equipment, including your real Nike running shoes. How does it feel to run? I'm wearing a Nike what's the impression of joining the Women Run Taipei this time? What's your favorite or fun part? Meet an impressive person / thing in the match? what special training and preparations are there for this event? How can NRC and NTC App help you? with Nike KD 7 will be officially open, during this period of time, we will help you review the KD shoes series offering what color, the Part 1 / Nike review previous exploration collocation shoe Kevin Durant boots history (Part 1) to watch I believe that we can know about this series. Nike KD 1 as Kevin Durant's first official personal signature, which lasted for 6 years and the ongoing story begins here, Nike KD 1 as Air Jordan 1, the color version in the series is among the best, in addition to the basic subject field and Team series of color, there are many closely with KD all kinds of color. KD 1, OKC, Away, All-American, All-Star, black and white, Boys, &, Girls Club, Drew, Freeman, Middle, School, OKC, Home, Sonics, Texas, Texas, Away, white, red, silver, Montrose, OKC, Home news source: solecollectorNike KD 2 on 2010 sale, Chang Kevin designer Leo Durant to create KD 2 gradually let the fans feel the shoes series features, priced at only $85 is considered to be very CP value and color boots, KD 2 also has his milepost significance, Kevin Durant won a scoring title in the year. High popularity makes him officially entered the all star game, so the KD 2 Series in the first two have become scoring and all star game version of the shoes (KD 1 "Allstar" for the rookie challenge with). KD 2 AAU All-Star China OKC Away Creamsicle OKC Home black white navy blue Scoring Title Texas news source: solecollectorNike KD 3 Nike KD 3 the advent of more Nike can be seen in this series of the heart, in the shoe color and Kevin Durant made more closely linked, from the video game on the pitch, a contact with their loved ones, they love the most, have become KD 3 color inspiration, KD 3 is also the series first launched Nike iD service shoes. KD 3, All-Star, Carbon, Fiber, EA, Sports, Mike, Ms has a lot of shoes often in detail with delicate expression, to make people feel the designer behind the heart and ingenuity, and this is the small time when one of the pleasures of love always around the shop and a pair of pick up the play. This year, Nike Basketball Easter series also for its star players to create exclusive color, in addition to the new entrants Kyrie Irving personal shoes will also be accompanied by three older buddies participate in this feast. Taiwan will be on sale today and will be on sale at a particular store. Hyperposite for black block has a unique pattern of Nike petals LeBron 12 "Easter" like the sunset like color collocation to let the original fighting atmosphere relatively strong shoes showing a unique soft beauty, Taiwan price of 5750 yuan 684593-488_04684593-488_04 Nike-Basketball-Easter-Collection-8Nike-Basketball-Easter-Collection-8 Nike-Basketball-Easter-Collection-10Nike-Basketball-Easter-Collection-10 Nike-Basketball-Easter-Collection-9Nike-Basketball-Easter-Collection-9 684593-488_03684593-488_03 684593-488_01684593-488_01 684593-488_02684593-488_02 to Easter eggs as inspiration, Nike Kobe X "Easter" is used as a light and dark lava lake blue show strong visual contrast in color, Taiwan price is 4950 yuan. Nike-Basketball-Easter-Collection-5Nike-Basketball-Easter-Collection-5 Nike-Basketball-Easter-Collection-6Nike-Basketball-Easter-Collection-6 Nike-Basketball-Easter-Collection-7Nike-Basketball-Easter-Collection-7socks shoes design style in 2017 to further expand, Reebok CLASSIC will also be new shoes ZOKU RUNNER to join the ranks of the competition. ZOKU RUNNER is designed by knitting uppers and socks, and equipped with DMXFOAM midsole cushioning technology. The details are inspired by three classic Reebok CLASSIC classics. The shoe style refers to the AZTEC, which debuted in 1979 as a prototype; the lacing system was taken from the 1983 CLASSIC LEATHER; the heel support design was inspired by the 1991 PUMP RUNNING DUAL, the inflatable running shoe. Therefore, ZOKU RUNNER is the product of brand evolution, inheriting the classics of the soul, facing the future, innovation. The Air Jordan 11 Retro Low GS ??Citrus?? is set to return in 2015. The last time the Air Jordan 11 Retro Low GS ??Citrus?? released was back in April 14th, 2001. Advertisment This Air Jordan 11 Low will feature a similar color scheme as the original release and will come in sizes that will go from 3 ?C 9.5. The size system for GS models in 2015 will be available all the way up to sizes 9.5, but if the shoe is not a GS the size system will remain the same 3.5 ?C 7. That means that if you??re someone (mens sizes) who was unable to cop these back in 2001 and wear a smaller shoe size, then in 2015 you might have a chance to fit your foot into the newly released Air Jordan 11 Retro Low GS ??Citrus?? colorway. The shoe is fully dressed in a White and Citrus color scheme. Featuring an all-White smooth leather upper with Citrus accents on the tongue tag, back heel and translucent outsole. Air Jordan 11 Retro Low GS Citrus 2015 Release Date Check out the additional detailed photos of the kids?? Air Jordan 11 Low GS ??Citrus?? below that will be available in gradeschool to toddler sizes running up to a size 9.5Y on Saturday, June 20th, 2015 at select Jordan Brand retailers. The retail price tag is set at $120 USD. Let us know in the comments section if you??re happy to see these return in the new GS-size system and stay tuned to Sneaker Bar for further updates as they develop. Air Jordan 11 Low GS ??Citrus?? White/White-Citrus 580521-139 June 20, 2015 $120 RELATED: Air Jordan Release Dates Source: Titolo